Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Politician Hypocrisy

Update: Al Gore Responds
Update 2: Money quote from Cato-at-Liberty post: "Gore has a huge mansion to power, but he also consumes four times more electricity per square foot than my family. Is the inventor of the Internet running a computer server farm out of his home?"

This time, from Al Gore and regarding global warming. Apparently he is in the habit of using in one month twice the amount of energy that the average American household uses in a year, according to this article from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. An inconvenient truth, indeed.

I don't know where these additional figures come from since they're not in the original article, but they were presented in the Drudge Report Flash that alerted me to this story:

Nashville Electric Service/Gore House


High 22619 kWh Aug – Sept
Low 12541 kWh Jan - Feb
Average: 18,414 kWh per month


High 20532 Sept - October
Low 12955 Feb - March
Average: 16,200 kWh per month

Bill amounts

2006 – $895.60 (low) $1738.52 (high) $1359 (average)
2005 – $853.91 (low) $1461 (high)

Nashville Gas Company

Main House
2006 – $990(high) $170 (low) $536 (average)
2005 – $1080 (high) $200 (low) $640 (average)

Guest House/Pool House

2006 – $820 (high) $70 (low) $544 (average)
2005 – $1025 (high) $25 (low) $525 (average)


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