Monday, November 5, 2007

Shock of the Week: Low Tax Nations Have More Money

The Business has a great article pointing out that of the top 20 richest nations, most of them are enclaves of low taxes.

What are the three richest countries in the world? You might be tempted to answer America, maybe Switzerland, or perhaps even Ireland. The right answer, however, is Luxembourg, Bermuda and Jersey in that order.
The Top 20 also includes: Equatorial Guinea, Guernsey, Ireland, the Cayman Islands, Andorra, Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, the Isle of Man, San Marino and Switzerland.
The wealth of some of those territories is striking. Luxembourg and Bermuda have a GDP per capita of $71,400 (£35,072, E50,250) and $69,000 respectively. By contrast, America, the wealthiest of the mainstream industrial economies, has a GDP per capita of $44,000. Even the worst-off low-tax nation, Switzerland, has a GDP per capita of $33,000. And Britain, despite the endless boasting from Gordon Brown about the brilliance of its economic record, ranks only 28th in the world, at $31,800.
Seems like there could be a lesson here.
HT Cato-at-liberty


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