Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alcohol Round-Up

Two interesting developments on the battle to eliminate alcohol from society.

First, the Marines (celebrating 232 years of kicking ass) are trying to allow members of the Corps to drink on base. Obviously, MADD is, well, mad. Good luck fighting the marines, Mom.

Second, a follow-up to this post about a mom arrested for serving alcohol to her son at his birthday party. The prosecutor who charged her has failed in his re-election bid.

Now here's where I'm supposed to kowtow to the moral bullies and signal my agreement that underage drinking is some kind of horrible offense. Well, forget it. I'm not recommending excessive drinking (though I confess to doing it, shall we just say, on more than one occasion) for anybody. However, the United States is the only country that imposes alcohol prohibition on people until age 21. Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, among others, put that limit at age 16 and they don't seem to be falling apart as societies. I think it's high time to lower the U.S. drinking age.

In any case, Camblos' attempt at moral grandstanding turned out to be bad politics. Good riddance to him.


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