Friday, March 16, 2007

Emergency Spending

Included in the new “emergency” supplemental spending bill (HT Cato-at-Liberty)

* $1.8 billion in crop subsidies:

* $283 million in price supports for milk producers

* $74 million for “peanut storage” subsidies

* $25 million in aid to spinach growers who lost money during the 2006 contamination scare

1 Comment:

Paul said...

$283,000,000 in "price support" for milk producers!!! And we don't even need milk--it's a luxury item. Why can't the market take care of itself on this one?

It disgusts me that there's so much pressure to keep milk prices down so it can be forced on school children and used in the production of shady, hormone-ridden cheeses. Somewhere down the line, this is vital for companies Taco Bell and Kraft, but keeping their products cheap should not be a cause for the government (for numerous reasons).

If the dairy industry hadn't done such a good job convincing everyone that they must drink cow's milk every day--as if something produced by a cow for the nursing of her 4-stomached bovine young could really be a staple in human health--we might be spared at least this one insanity.

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