Friday, March 16, 2007

Public Lobbying Loophole

From USA Today article:

"When Democrats took control of Congress in January, they passed a sweeping set of ethics rules, including a ban on gifts that prohibits lobbyists from buying a lawmaker as much as a hamburger.

But the gift ban left in place a little-noticed loophole: It doesn't apply to government agencies and public institutions. That exemption, which dates back more than a decade, leads to a stark disparity when it comes to public and private universities, which compete fiercely for federal money.

While private universities are banned from giving gifts, public universities can offer members of Congress free tickets to some of the country's most sought-after sporting events. That includes the upcoming NCAA men's basketball tournament, in which 43 of the 65 teams represent public schools.

Nor do those gifts have to be disclosed, according to the rules."

1 Comment:

Maarek said...

Interesting that the government unions all support Democrats, and they are still allowed to give gifts.

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