Sunday, June 10, 2007

Woman Gets 27 Months in Jail For Buying Alcohol For 16 Year Old Son's Party

Apparently she lied to the parents of the other guests at the party, but she also collected keys at the door and no one drank to the point of legal intoxication. The prosecutor called it "the worst case of underage drinking he has had to deal with in 15 years."

Radley Balko says, "Really? A party where not a single person was drunk, and not a single person drove home after having a drink, is the "worst case" he's dealt with in 15 years?" Some of the quotes from MADD and others are hysterical, in the literal sense. These people are nuts. Read the whole thing for a frightening look at how these people are demonizing alcohol. Get ready for this to be the target of the next public health crusade, as it already is in the UK.


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