Monday, April 30, 2007

First Annual White Heterosexual Male Scholarship

Reason is covering the fallout from University of Rhode Island College Republicans' announcement of the titular scholarship.

Applicants were asked, first, to certify that they were indeed white, heterosexual, American and male and then to answer two questions: 'In 100 words or less, what does being a White Heterosexual American Male mean to you? As a White Heterosexual American Male, what adversities have you had to deal with and overcome?

After the College Republicans refused to apologize, the Advisory and Review Committee voted to derecognize them, only backing down after the Student Senate overturned them on constitutional grounds.

Some of the comments on Reason's blog are quite interesting. I particularly liked, "Whatever else might be said about the general concept of a race-specific scholarship, it's clear that the intent here is to generate controversy and piss people off. So that certainly qualifies the College Republicans for the "obnoxious asshole" label." Seems that after all the effort spent educating people on the injustice of racial and sexual discrimination, straight white men still get no respect on campuses across the nation.


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