Friday, April 20, 2007

Population Growth Rates: US vs Them

The American Enterprise Institute as a very interesting article about population growth rates in various countries, focusing on the US, and what that means for global trends, economic growth, and international power in the coming decades.

Under current projections for the year 2025 the United States looks to be a more youthful country than China by such criteria as median age. In 2025, furthermore, China's 15-64 labor force will have been shrinking in total size for more than a decade; the corresponding U.S. manpower pool is expected to be increasing, albeit modestly. Perhaps even more striking, population projections by both the U.S. Census Bureau and the UN Population Division envision the absolute annual population growth of the United States to exceed China's by 2025.

I highly recommend reading the whole thing.
One observation I have made repeatedly (although not here) is that a social group that reproduces more quickly will overtake those that don't and pass their values onto the next generation.

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