Sunday, April 1, 2007

Job Interviews

During job interviews, it's almost a certainty that the applicant is going to be asked a series of questions or given some sort of written test in order to deduce facts about their character. The idea is to find out if the person is the right kind of person for the company - will they fit well with the rest of the team in which they will work, etc.

A company called PairWise has developed a called called LikeBetter which attempts to deduce these kinds of character traits by analyzing the choices a user makes when presented with a pair of images and asked which they prefer.

Quote from TechCrunch coverage:

"Based on the choices you make, LikeBetter makes a guess about your personal traits, which you then confirm or correct. As more people use the system, LikeBetter discovers the strong correlations between the choices people make and the attributes they express.

"Based on this data, Pairwise creates a quiz using some of the most highly discriminating pairs, chosen to have the strongest and most confident predictive power across the broadest spectrum of personality traits. They can then track a candidate’s behavior through the test and make an educated guess about their personality based on the correlations they made in LikeBetter. Pairwise does their best to make the test harder to read into by being a completely image based test and using non-obvious pairs (no GI Joe vs. Barbie)."

HT: TechCrunch Post


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