Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Girls Gone Union

I am not sure what to say about this, except that it might help someone see how ridiculous compulsory unionization is. Unless you think it is a good idea. Then I can call you authoritarian and idiotic.

The problem with people like Joe Francis [owner and founder of Girls Gone Wild] is that he is exploiting non-unionized, unprotected, poorly compensated, unlicensed (and often incapacitated) temp workers, and profiting handsomely from this exploitative labor market. Eligibility to work as a model for pornography, and legal hiring for pornography, should be contingent on the model's membership in a sex worker union, which would a variety of legal, health, pay scale and other occupational protections. If we moved to such a model, then we might have some hope of rationally addressing this issue within the context of existing social norms about the appropriate legal age limits for contracting one's labor. And no one would have the legal right to drive by a crowd and say "here's 100 bucks to pull up your shirt" to a bunch of young women lacking union cards.

From Reason's Hit & Run


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