Friday, May 18, 2007

Sexism In The Hotel Industry

A new hotel is reserving an entire floor for women. The rooms are intended as a safe place for women traveling without the protection of a strong man, and the luxury rooms will be let at a premium. What do you call a luxurious, safe place reserved for only women? Oh, that's right.


Ken said...

Speaking from the point of view of principle rather than legality, I'm not sure I see anything wrong with this plan. It's a private business and, it seems to me, that it should be able to offer services in whatever manner it pleases.

If women don't want to pay the premium, perhaps other hotels will start offering similar arrangements for less or free. As for the men, if they don't like it, they can vote with their feet as well by going to some hotel that either doesn't do this or does it in reverse.

Maarek said...

Very true. If someone thinks that they can meet a demand with this service, more power to them. I was more pointing out the irony of liberated 21st century American woman feeling safer if there are no men on the same floor. The fact that there would be an outcry against a private organization that offered services that explicitly excluded women is merely annoying.

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