Friday, May 11, 2007

Smoking Ban Coming To The Big Screen

Smoking will now be considered when rating a film, meaning it can bump a film from PG to PG-13 or R.

Along with violence, depictions of sex, adult language and other content considerations, ratings organizations will examine new releases to determine if they glamorize smoking or if it is pervasive through the films, even among adults. Underage smoking has always been considered when rating a film.
A number of groups have called for almost all movies that depict smoking to automatically receive an R rating, a plan the movie studios oppose.
Christopher Buckley, satirical author of Thank You For Smoking, responded to the news:
I can only hope this means that the MPAA will strip such films as 'Casablanca,' 'To Have and Have Not' and 'Sunset Boulevard' of their G-ratings and re-label them for what they were: insidious works of pro-smoking propaganda that led to millions of uncounted deaths. Bravo.

I was once shown a review of Constantine (a movie I enjoyed greatly) from which warned that the film contains "Extreme Smoking," which I suppose refers to the scene where the star lights an illegal Chinese cigarette in his doctor's office right after she tells him he is dying of lung cancer. I now smoke these

which are king size unfiltered. Damn Hollywood.


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