Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Problems and Solutions

  • A great new government program - Problem: State government loses money due to reliance on gas tax; Solution: Spend $800 million to raise $4.8 million - from
  • Stalin-Esque Show Trial At Tufts University - Problem: Free Speech; Solution: "'We don't like you. Nobody likes you . . . There should be consequences.'" - from
  • Free Minds, Free Eastern Market - Problem: DC-owned market burns down; Solution: Have Eleanor Holmes Norton promise to rebuild it with federal money as soon as she's done trumping the constitution on who gets seats in Congress. - from Reason Magazine
  • Blogged Down - Problem: Any "public figure" determines that any statement made on any blog is defamatory; Solution: State gives blogger two days to remove the statement, if he doesn't, state slaps blogger with "'a presumption of malice intent,' and the statement would not actually have to be defamatory for the presumption to kick in." - from Reason Magazine
  • House Rules - Problem: Someone needs/wants a roommate. This person would prefer a person with or without certain traits so that they are compatible; Solution: Sue the site that hosted the online add using the Communications Decency Act - from Reason Magazine
  • What the Hate Crimes Law Would Do - Problem: You tell me that you think something I am doing is bad in some way; Solution: I lobby congress to pass a law making any statement to that effect a hate crime (oh, and for good measure, congress restricts it to statement made against the specific thing that I am doing and refuses to extend it to anything else) - from


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