Monday, May 7, 2007

The Pay Gap

MSNBC has an article (note the lack of adjective) entitled "One reason for pay gap: Women don't speak up" in which the author puts forth the possibility that one reason for the "pay gap" between men and women is that women simply don't ask for or negotiate for higher wages/salaries and men do. There is quite a bit in the article that I could do without, but it's still worth reading. After all, if the president of Harvard had written it, he might have been run out of town.

1 Comment:

Paul said...

"“If you can’t stand up for yourself as a 12-year-old baby sitter, you’re going to face a lot of problems because you won’t be able to negotiate with an employer, or the man you’re dating, or in so many other situations...”"

But seriously, I've read that if one adjusts for differences in height, the 'pay gap' largely disappears. Could it be that women usually get payed less because they're shorter?

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