Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Government Efficiency

Cato has a great post regarding efficiency (or the lack thereof) in government programs:

"One of the behind-the-scenes initiatives of President Bush’s budget staff the past six years has been something called the Program Assessment Ratings Tool (PART) analysis. It’s an effort to measure the 'effectiveness' and 'efficiency' of nearly 1,000 federal programs. Each program is graded on how well they achieve their 'goals,' with marks ranging from 'effective' (the equivalent of an A grade) to 'ineffective' (the equivalent of an F grade)."
The post then goes on to discuss whether we should be happy that some program get A's - after all, most of them are things we don't want the government doing in the first place and, therefore, it might be better if they did them poorly. You should read the entire post.


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