Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tax Everything That Moves and Then Everything That Doesn't

Toronto is considering a new tax that essentially charges people to stand on the sidewalk:

"City Hall may have another wallet wallop coming for bar and club owners, as it ponders charging to have customers wait outside on Toronto-owned sidewalks to get into establishments.

"Those behind the idea believe it will not only generate badly needed revenue but act as a kind of de facto crowd control and reduce the potential for violence downtown. But not everyone is in favour of yet another reason not to head into the core. 'Taxing the sidewalk is just another insane thing the city can do,' explodes Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong. 'We'll tax not only anything that moves, we'll tax anything that doesn't move!'


"But while patrons won't pay for it, they're still sure it will wind up coming out of their pockets. "In the end the owners are going to feel the pinch and then the pinch is going to come on us," predicts Andrew Christoforou."
HT: Fark Headline


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