Monday, June 4, 2007

Your Right to Run Your Business

Reason has a great article on the case of a Great Falls, Montana man who bought a drug store and then stopped selling oral contraceptives.


"Jill Baker, director of education at Planned Parenthood of Montana, says the woman who could not get birth control pills at Anderson's pharmacy was 'denied basic health care.' This is like saying that someone who tries to buy eggs at a convenience store that doesn't stock them has been 'denied basic food,' or that someone who tries to check into a motel that's full has been 'denied basic shelter.' Anderson is under no obligation to sell any particular drug, although he has to live with the consequences for his business if his choices irritate or offend his customers. Baker likens Anderson's policy to legal bans on contraception such as those faced by her great-grandmother, a German immigrant who had 13 children and died at 40. She calls the decision not to sell birth control a 'radical tactic by the anti-choice hardliners to take away a woman's right to decide if and when to bring a child into the world.' By this reasoning, an atheist bookseller's decision not to carry the Bible violates freedom of religion, and a sporting goods store's policy against selling guns violates the right to armed self-defense."


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